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Tine - a Complete
Procurement System

Tine is an all one-in-one solution for small & medium businesses to manage procurements, orders, billing, quotations and accounting.

Product Overview

Tine allows to create you to create project, proposals, quotations, invoices, delivery note, suppliers, clients, expenses, payments, logistics, accounting and more.

Tine is a managed and customisable software so you don’t have to care about IT infrastructure. You do business, we do your IT in cost-effective pricing.


Product & Inventory

Create records of your products and services and manage all types of products. 

It supports all kind of products.

Warehouse Management

Get rid to remember your items and find out from complicated rack. The system allows to define and manage racks and warehouses.

Supplier & Client Management

It comes with full solution of your suppliers and clients management.  You can define credit periods for each supplier, client and terms & condtions and documents.


Create quotations in few clicks and avoid getting into using multiple softwares to create quotations. 


Send invoices to client and create a workflow of approval with a manager.

Delivery Note

From invoices create delivery notes and keep track of your delivery to clients agains payments.

Expense Management

Record all expenses and gain full control on expenses made against all inventory and services.


Manage payment received to create income flow and get profit and loss accounts.

Logistics & GRN

Manage logistics and GRN with properly organised colour codes.

Issue POs

Issue purchase orders to your supplier with detailed product description & quantity.

LLR & Bank Guarantees

Integrated HR/Payroll.

Manage all people in your company for their leaves, payroll and records.

Frequently asked questions

Both, the system is a cloud based solution where you don’t need to manage any managed servers to run this and also we give the option to self-host on your existing servers.


Yes, the Tine solution is completely customisable as per your needs. 

The solution starts with 20k USD for all modules given below and 3k USD yearly renewal

Included modules:

  • Product and Inventory
  • Purchases 
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Proforma Invoices
  • Tax Invoices
  • Delivery Notes
  • Warehouses
  • Client & Supplier Management
  • Payments 
  • Expenses
  • Logistics & GRN
  • Accounting
  • Documents Management
  • HRMS

We provide email support as well as call support.

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